Working with architect, GSS Architecture in Kettering and contractor Jerram Falkus, Style was specified to create flexible space in the conference room/restaurant and in the covered atrium. With a key aim being to maximise light and a feeling of space, DORMA Moveo Glass was used in conjunction with DORMA Varitrans; a glass moveable wall which was used to form a set of double doors to complement the look of the Moveo system.

Blinds were set into the glass for privacy, and could be opened and closed as needed, and by using glass throughout Barnfield college retained the feel of very open space, with the flexibility to sub-divide the area into private rooms.

“The architect was so impressed with this solution that they immediately specified the same approach for another client soon afterwards,” said Keith Way, Style’s director for the South East. “Moveo Glass is designed to bring daylight into partitioned rooms whilst maintaining a high acoustic performance of up to Rw 50dB."

“Varitrans is ideal for restaurants, church halls, airports, showrooms or offices, where space division is required but with an open plan feel, which is why the combination worked so perfectly in this instance.”

To protect its investment in its moveable walls, Barnfield College also took out a maintenance agreement with Style, designed to provide ongoing proactive servicing and support to ensure the longevity of the system.

“Maintenance contracts are becoming increasingly popular in the education sector,” concluded Keith, “because just like servicing a car, an operable wall also needs to be regularly checked with early preventative maintenance always being a better option than long-term damage.

“Our planned service contract, which offers scheduled visits from an engineer at agreed times each year, is far more cost-effective in the long run to keep your moveable wall well maintained, ensuring it serves you for very many years.”