Vodafone’s office in Pacific House, Manchester, has become the first building to combine two separate electric moveable wall systems to deliver a totally automated flexible room configuration.

Working with architects, CMI Workplace and main contractor, Overbury, Style was specified to install a fully automatic DORMA Moveo Glazed ComfortDrive moveable wall adjacent to Skyfold, the fully automatic, vertically rising operable wall which is housed in the ceiling cavity.

At the push of a button, the walls open and close with ease, offering a phenomenal lab tested 50dB Rw acoustic integrity for the Moveo glass system, and 51dB Rw for the Skyfold in a stunning fabric finish.

“The future of space division is in automation,” said Andy Gibson, Style’s director for the north, “and with two different walls combining to create completely automated space for Vodafone, this is the first of its kind. It raises the bar to a whole new level in terms of what can be achieved.”

Dave Downie from Overbury commented, “The project included an event space, within which CMI Workspace specified the DORMA fully automated glass acoustic moveable wall to form a corridor.

“They then cleverly split the event space with a vertically rising Skyfold acoustic moveable wall to deliver the complete automation of the room.

“Having worked with Style and the DORMA product previously, we were confident in the quality that would be provided. We had some knowledge of the Skyfold system from previous installations and were keen to see this installed in this unique space, and were very impressed. The ease of operation and wow factor proved to be a winner with our client’s expectations.”

Style is the exclusive UK partner to DORMA and Skyfold. As the UK market leader in moveable walls, Style is championing the drive towards fully automatic room division across multiple market sectors including corporate, education, hospitality, local authorities, religion and healthcare.