PRS for Music is the home of the Performing Right Society (PRS) and the Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society (MCPS), paying royalties to their members when their works are broadcast on TV or radio, performed or played in public, streamed, downloaded or used in films.

At their offices in London, Style worked with Space Invader architects and contractors, 21 Construction, to create a variety of flexible meeting rooms using glass and solid moveable walls.

A Dorma Huppe Variflex glass moveable wall was installed in an L-shaped configuration in one of the meeting areas. This offered semi-automatic operation, 52dB acoustic integrity and a fully glazed pass door – a feature which is unique to Style who are the only moveable wall specialists to be able to include fully glazed doors into their glass operable walls.

In a separate meeting area, two solid Dorma Huppe Variflex moveable walls were installed, each with 59dB acoustics and a stylish Kvadrat fabric wrap finish.

The final solution gave PRS for Music the ability to enjoy highly flexible meeting rooms with the freedom to open up the entire area or create smaller meeting rooms in a matter of minutes.

“The combination of the glass and solid moveable walls works really well at PRS Music,” said Michael Porter, sales director at Style South.

“Glass is growing hugely in popularity as it offers an open plan feel, with lots of light and a sense of space, while offering complete privacy thanks to the superb 52dB acoustics.

“The ease by which the glass and solid movable walls can be opened and closed is also really simple, which means the rooms can literally be altered in between meetings to cater for different numbers of people and requirements.

“We’re also incredibly proud at Style of our glass pass doors. This is a really unique feature in the moveable walls sector as most glazed systems come with a solid door, however the glass door gives it that perfect finish which customers really appreciate.”

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