For its in-house training rooms, there was a need to offer flexibility of room size, however a key requirement was to retain as much natural light as possible whilst also offering the option of privacy.

Whilst looking for a solution, Draeger’s Facilities Manager Gavin Brown enquired about Stylefold900 having reviewed it on the Style web site.

Stylefold900 is recognised in the movable walls sector as an ideal solution for subdividing general spaces where the penetration of light from room to room is a priority.

Working directly with Style, Draeger also requested that it should be double glazed and contain integral venetian blinds providing immediate privacy.

Working closely with Draeger, Style’s team developed drawings and advised on the final installation which would optimise acoustics, ease of operation and usability.

“As the exclusive supplier of SWG’s Stylefold range in the UK, we’re immensely proud of this product,” said David Louden, Style’s Director for Scotland.

“Quite simply, it is a great all round product providing simplicity of operation and movement, great acoustic performance, options on aluminium or timber frame, and single or double glazing.

“The panels can also be parked centrally to the track or to one side depending on the room layout, making this a truly versatile solution with beautiful aesthetics.”