The Benefits of BIM – a quick explanation


The advantage of being able to offer such a detailed and realistic 3D planning capability lies in the improved understanding of a building, and its ongoing optimisation.

With each change in the dimensions of a movable wall, the height and width of the constituent partition elements are automatically modified. Changes to a partitioning configuration can be quickly simulated and the knowledge gained used to finally select the optimum placement of say, the pass doors.

Plans can be accurately tailored to each individual building and application type ranging from a simple partition system with central single-point suspension right through to a stacking track assembly with additional access tracks located outside the main axis. Once registered, specifiers can use the download links to obtain the DORMA Hüppe BIM object packages for specific software systems.

The models currently implemented are for Autodesk Revit (.rfa). Development of Graphisoft Archicad (.pln) versions is ongoing, with publication due this year.

“There is no doubt that BIM is here to stay”, said Mike Fine, Style’s director for the Midlands. “This technology is changing the face of construction and the way we are going to be working in the future.

“As AIS gold award-winning contractors, we are keen to embrace the opportunities it presents for more efficient working practices. Offering the modelling tools for the DORMA moveable wall range is just the first step and we are working to create BIM files for our other systems too.”

For more information, visit the home page of Style’s web site and click on the “BIM banner”.

Alternatively, please contact your nearest regional Style office.