Telescopic Panel Provides Flush Finish When Partition is in Use


DORMA Variflex, the semi-automatic (and manual) folding wall, is being specified by Style in an increasing number of office conference rooms and boardrooms due to its flush telescopic panel. As a unique feature in the movable walls sector, the Variflex expandable telescopic section sits completely flush against the adjacent panels once the wall is in position, which has exceptional benefits in terms of aesthetics and space flexibility.

“The telescopic section on the DORMA Variflex product is a really outstanding feature,” explained Julian Sargent, Style’s Group Managing Director, “whether used on a manually operated or semi automatic wall.
“Because once installed the end closure moves allowing the partition to be set up and sealed acoustically, then it sits flush against the rest of the wall. This means it looks like one solid wall, rather than having any form of protrusion or bulky unsightly end expanding section.”

As sole UK distributors for DORMA Huppe, Style has seen demand for semi-automatic partitions rise steeply in 2010. And thanks to the unique telescopic feature of the Variflex product, its popularity has soared.

“At Style we adopt a solutions approach,” said Julian. “This means that we always take a great deal of time to work closely with architects, specifiers and main contractors to ensure clients’ benefit from the optimum product to meet their needs and criteria. “However, when it comes to office space in particular, the features and practicalities of Variflex very often make it a natural choice, and client feedback is always first class.”

For more information about DORMA Variflex, or to discuss your movable walls and partitioning requirements with Style, simply contact us through one of our regional offices and we’d be delighted to help.