Style’s “Winter Garden” solution set to become a big hit with architects and contractors


Style’s innovative moveable wall solution, designed to create winter gardens in high rise city apartments, is seeing soaring interest from architects and building contractors.

Winter gardens have become a fashionable accessory in London’s new high rise flats as they create versatile indoor-outdoor spaces for year-round use. 

Their popularity soared after the Mayor of London published its planning guidance in 2016 which stated that private open space is highly valued and should be provided in all new housing developments.

However, where site constraints make it impossible to provide private open space for all dwellings, enclosing balconies as glazed, ventilated winter gardens can be considered an acceptable alternative to open balconies.

According to Julian Sargent, group managing director of Style, the UK’s leading moveable partitioning wall specialists, this led to some creative thinking as to how that solution could be delivered stylishly, practicably and safely.

“At Style, we have worked with our manufacturing partners to produce the ideal solution for winter gardens.

“This is a moveable wall that meets all of the essential requirements for thermal separation and pressure, as well as the NEC (noise exposure category) required for planning, and provides a high quality internal moveable partition in glass, or other finishes and designs.

“It therefore creates a flexible internal winter garden space, as required by some planning authorities and developers, while offering stylish and flexible living space in the city.”

In the development of Style’s winter garden moveable wall, independent tests were undertaken for shock resistance and wind loading (pressure), which were critical to its ability to meet planning requirements. 

“We have been meticulous in ensuring that our solution meets every aspect of the required criteria,” continued Julian.

“To support our product, we have relevant test data plus images and video of the testing being undertaken.

“These impact and pressure tests have been the vital ingredient in bringing this exciting new offering to high rise city developments, and we have designed our products to work alongside louvred panels that will provide free air space for the very tallest buildings where the wind and air pressure is at its strongest.”

Style is the exclusive UK partner to Dorma Huppe, Skyfold and SWG and has won an incredible 10 FIS Gold contractor’s awards for the quality of its products and installations.

For more information, please contact your nearest regional Style office.