Style sees huge rise in demand for automatic moveable walls


Demand for automatic moveable wall systems from architects, specifiers, contractors and end-user clients has almost quadrupled in the last 10 years, reflecting a strong shift towards the automation of flexible space.

According to Julian Sargent, group managing director of Style, demand for electric moveable walls has risen by a staggering 388% in a decade, now making up 44% of the company’s total order intake compared to 27% in 2009.

“We’re seeing a phenomenal rise in demand for semi-automatic and fully automatic moveable wall systems,” said Julian, “and this is down to the benefits electric systems have over manual ones.

“Fully automatic systems, in particular, make it far easier to divide space at the push of a button, and remove any chance of operator error.

“There is also far less risk that the panels can be damaged by poor handling because there is no manual intervention.

“To divide a room in two, you simply press a button and the wall moves into place, with the acoustic seals always expanding to precisely the right pressure, giving optimum performance.

“They also stop automatically if they detect an obstruction in the way, re-trying once before waiting for the item to be removed.”

Style is the exclusive UK partner to DORMA and Skyfold, both of which offer fully automatic solutions.

Skyfold is the hugely innovative, vertically rising acoustic moveable wall, housed in a ceiling cavity and descending effortlessly into place at the push of a button.

DORMA produces the ComfortDrive automatic wall which has seen phenomenal demand since its launch.

“Automated moveable walls are, without doubt, the way forward for creating flexible space in a whole range of sectors,” concluded Julian,” and we have seen demand from the corporate sector, education, local authorities, hospitality and many others.”

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