Style offers Formula 1 Service at the Silverstone Grand Prix


Silverstone recently hosted the Formula 1 Grand Prix, which is a time of year when Style’s team are called in to supervise a pit-stop turnaround.

The Wing, a venue by the track used throughout the year for hospitality, conference and VIP viewing, transforms into a media centre for this global event, giving the world’s broadcasters, reporters and journalists a private room for the weekend’s racing.

Seven years ago, Style installed a semi-automatic DORMA moveable wall to quickly reconfigure the space, specifically with the annual F1 in mind.

Because this is such a high profile event, the Style team offered to be on hand each year to check the wall was properly positioned as part of a service contract. This removes the stress from the organisers and offers genuine added value to a high profile client.

“Watching our team in action to quickly help reconfigure the room in time for the world’s press to arrive is similar to the speed and precision of Lewis Hamilton’s team when he comes in for a tyre change,” joked Mike Fine, Style’s director for the Midlands.

“But on a serious note, its a room arrangement that changes an open plan conference suite into a private area with a corridor, and the team at Silverstone are extremely grateful that we are there to assist in altering the space once a year.  It’s reassuring to have our technicians on hand to ensure the wall is correctly positioned and that the acoustics are spot on.

“The Wing at Silverstone has also got potential for greater flexibility because, when we installed the moveable wall back in 2011, we future proofed the room by putting in additional tracks. It means if they decide to divide the room further, at a later date, they can split it into thirds.”

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