Style launches new moveable wall Engineer ID card


To offer reassurance to customers that their moveable walls are being serviced and repaired by an engineer of the highest calibre, Style has introduced a new Engineer ID card.

Used as an identification lanyard, the Engineer ID cards will hold all of their details and qualifications – not only covering the essential credentials of a professional moveable wall engineer but other areas, such as DBS checks, health and safety and asbestos.

“We are very proud of our UK-wide network of engineers,” said Hannah Thorneycroft, service manager for the north, “and felt it was important to reassure customers on site that the person servicing or repairing their moveable partition or folding wall has been properly trained and holds all of the necessary qualifications.

“At Style, we invest very significantly in our network of engineers, some of whom began under our Apprenticeship scheme.

“We offer ongoing e-learning to all staff, with an online training platform which holds our own very high-quality training modules.

“We also invest in external and internal training, as well as sending engineers to the manufacturing plants where our moveable walls are made to gain a really detailed insight into the products. It also gives our customers a great deal of confidence to know that we are using genuine OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts at all times.

“Moveable walls can be very sophisticated pieces of equipment these days, due to the growth of fully automated systems and high-end acoustics. 

“It’s for this reason why customers need to be sure that the person servicing and repairing it has the credentials to deliver the very highest standards of craftmanship and engineering, and will conduct themselves responsibly and professionally on site.”

For more information, please contact your nearest regional Style office.