Style improves delivery times for non-acoustic glass moveable walls


Leading moveable, folding and sliding wall specialist, Style, has further improved its glass division by relocating its fabrication facility into the UK from Germany.

For customers looking for Style’s non-acoustic, glass Horizontal and Folding Sliding Wall partitions, the UK fabrication facility will speed up production schedules and enhance delivery lead times.

“We’re delighted to announce this enhancement to our operation,” said Mark Cowley, who heads up Style’s glass division.

“The product components are still manufactured by our trusted partners in Germany, however by housing ample stock at our new UK fabrication and assembly facility means we can respond far more quickly to orders.

“Our HSW and FSW glass solutions are extremely popular with retail outlets, residential applications, corporate and hospitality venues who often require a rapid turnaround when a glass moveable or folding wall is needed.

“Our new facility is located in the Midlands, and as well as quickly assembling the walls we can offer additional solutions too, such as powder coating and specialist glass finishes.

“This is a very important new initiative for Style and one that will be warmly received by our UK-wide customers.”

Style is the UK market leader in moveable, folding and sliding walls, with offices in the south of England, the midlands, north and Scotland. The company also has a London showroom.

Style’s glass division has enjoyed rapid expansion in recent years, with the addition of a non-acoustic range to its acoustic products.

Demand for glazed moveable walls has risen sharply, and the combination of both acoustic and non-acoustic solutions enables Style to cater for a very large cross section of industries, including corporate, education, hospitality, retail, religion, local authorities, healthcare, sports arenas, residential and high rise winter gardens.

For more information, please contact your nearest regional Style office