Style Welcomes James Calfe to its Skyfold Team


Style is pleased to announce the arrival of James Calfe, who many architects, specifiers and contractors will know thanks to his years of experience in the moveable partitioning walls sector.

James joins Style to work alongside Efrem Brynin, focusing on Skyfold – the hugely innovative, vertically rising, fully automatic, acoustic partitioning wall, which is discreetly housed in the ceiling cavity.

“I’m delighted that James has joined our Skyfold team,” said Julian Sargent, Style’s group managing director. “He is someone we have known in the industry for many years and have a great deal of admiration for. As a result, we’re thrilled he has now chosen to become an important part of our growing team.

“James will focus on Skyfold’s international clients, while Efrem Brynin will remain focused on the UK and London sectors. His appointment comes at an incredibly exciting time, with demand for Skyfold higher than ever.”

For anyone involved in the construction, refurbishment or fit-out sector who would like to see Skyfold in action, Style has recently opened a new London Showroom. Located near the Barbican, and perfectly placed within London’s interior furnishings sector, James or Efrem would be delighted to meet you at the showroom to provide a full demonstration.

As well as Skyfold, it houses an impressive range of partitioning wall systems, rooms with differing levels of acoustic integrity, a variety of finishes and guests can also see the walls’ operation, stacking options and technical specifications.

For more information, please contact James Calfe or Efrem Brynin through the Style South office on 01202 874044.