Style Sees Sharp Rise in Education Sector


Demand for moveable partitioning walls in schools, colleges and universities has risen steeply in 2011, with Style seeing a marked increase in the number of installations.

According to Julian Sargent, Style’s Group Managing Director, this is not just down to an increase in overall demand. It is also through heightened awareness by architects, specifiers, contractors and educational establishments of Style’s track record of providing outstanding, innovative and cost-effective solutions in this market.

“As awareness grows of the excellent range of moveable wall solutions that we can offer, we’re being increasingly specified in this area,” said Julian. “In recent years we’ve provided some breathtaking solutions to schools, colleges and universities.
“These include Skyfold’s ceiling mounted, vertically stacking partitions, Dorma’s Variflex and Moveo which offer ease of operation, flexibility and some stunning aesthetics and we’re being increasingly commissioned to create flexible space in teaching areas, restaurants, theatres and other important areas.”

Rooms in educational bodies need to be flexible so that they can be used for a multitude of activities throughout each day. Teaching staff not only need to maximise the space available to them, they also have to re-arrange rooms quickly in between lessons.

“Key factors when installing an operable wall are that it must be effortless to operate, provide privacy through optimum acoustic performance, be safe and complement the aesthetics of the room,” concluded Julian.
“At Style, we are proving time and again through our five regional offices that we can meet the needs of the education sector better than anyone else which is why we are seeing such a sharp rise in demand.”

If you would like to discuss a project for the education market, please contact your nearest Style office.