Style Makes the First SmartTrack 14 Installation


DORMA’s new, innovative SmartTrack 14 Moveable Wall has been installed in the UK at Carmel College, St. Helen’s. The installation was completed by Style after the team identified the new partitioning wall system as being perfect for the College Lecture Theatre.

“The beauty of the DORMA’s new SmartTrack 14 system is that it allows the user to easily move heavy, tall panels into the stacking zone without the need for any physical strength or force to change direction,”said Andy Gibson, Style’s Director for the North.
“In fact there is no need to ‘steer’ the panel into the correct parking track at all as the diverters and programming plates mounted in the track do this automatically.
“And if you consider that these panels are 90kg m2, 140 mm thick and 6 metres high they are extremely heavy. They are also beautifully finished in a striking black high pressure laminate, and have a 60db laboratory tested acoustic performance.
They also have a micro-perforated acoustic surface board to reduce room reverberation time, yet maintain acoustic performance from one side to the other, which means all in all the new SmartTrack 14 system is a superb solution for college staff.”
“Having seen how well this new system works I would urge anyone to look at it, as its going to be a really impressive and popular product for colleges, schools, conference rooms, theatres and offices.”

For more information about the new DORMA SmartTrack 14, please contact your local Style Office.