Style Introduces New Skyfold Classic 55


Skyfold has launched a new vertically rising acoustic partitioning wall, adding to its market leading portfolio.

Building on the success of the Skyfold Classic NR and Skyfold Classic Elite, a new Classic 55 provides 55 STC (Rw 54dB) acoustic performance. This is achieved through improvements to the panels, and by using the end seals (with acoustic insulation) from the Elite system.

This is an exciting development for Style who is the sole UK distributor for the Skyfold range, and enhances the company’s overall proposition to architects, specifiers, contractors and end user clients.

“The new Classic 55 is an outstanding mid price, mid range product sitting in between the existing Skyfold Classic (Rw 51dB) and Skyfold Classic Elite (Rw 56dB),” said Efrem Brynin, Style’s Skyfold Product Manager.
“Ideal for boardrooms, conference centres, theatres and other rooms in the corporate, hotel, local authority or education sectors, a key feature is that it is particularly beneficial for larger walls, because it can be installed in rooms up to a height of 11 metres.”
The Classic 55 retains all the hallmarks of the Skyfold range, with pushbutton automatic activation, effortless and silent operation, and an extensive range of stunning finishes. To ensure clients receive products quickly and efficiently, also available is the Skyfold “Quick Ship Programme”.

For products with a standard factory finish, which includes fabric, vinyl, standard five Firestone coloured steels, stainless steel and Lampre writing board, delivery times can be accelerated for priority orders.

For more information about the new Skyfold Classic 55 or other products in the Skyfold range, please contact your nearest Style office.