Skyfold Videos Showcase its Versatility


A selection of videos were shown at Style’s 100th Skyfold installation event at Telefonica Digital, showcasing the versatility of this vertically rising, fully automatic, acoustic moveable wall.

To view the videos, and see Skyfold in action for yourself, please visit the Skyfold section of our web site and click on Product Videos.

“It’s one of those ‘seen to be believed’ products,” said Efrem Brynin, Style’s director of Skyfold sales, “which is why we received such incredible feedback at the event. “Perhaps what you don’t appreciate by watching the videos is the level of acoustic integrity these walls deliver.
“At the Telefonica Digital event we had large numbers of people in the conference room, and when the wall was closed it completely sealed each room with no sound being heard from either side.
“Another benefit of this product is the quality and range of finishes. Due to the panels being made separate to the wall mechanism, and attached on site, it allows far more flexibility in terms of design and you really can let your imagination run wild when deciding how you would like the wall to look.
“It can also cope with a range of room sizes and arrangements, including very high ceilings, large expansive floor space and stepped auditoriums.”

For more information, or to visit a completed UK installation to witness the product in action and appreciate the sound control performance, please contact your nearest regional Style office.