Skyfold Open Day Impresses Architects


Architects, specifiers and contractors were wowed at a recent open day at the Hotel La Tour in Birmingham when Style demonstrated the benefits of Skyfold – it’s unique, vertically rising, acoustic partitioning wall.

Skyfold has seen specifications soar since its UK launch with its popularity growing rapidly with major corporates, schools, local authorities, the healthcare sector and churches.

“Skyfold has to be seen to be believed,” said Mike Fine, Style’s director for the Midlands, “which is why we decided to host an open day to do just that.
“Once people see it in action it really is quite breathtaking. Not only because it sub-divides space with such ease whilst retaining full use of floor space, but also due to its acoustic qualities.
“During the demonstration, we had a large flat screen television with the volume on loud on one side of the room and having lowered the Skyfold into place everyone agreed that they couldn’t hear any sound interference coming through the wall at all. In fact, one guest even went round to the other side of the wall to check the television was still on.
“This makes it perfect for any environment where you are seeking to use space flexibly, are likely to be running different activities concurrently and want to be sure they will not disturb each other. In fact, Skyfold has so many attributes it really is a truly remarkable product, which is why it has been so incredibly popular across so many industry sectors.
“Since being showcased at the Hotel La Tour, we have taken further enquiries from organisations in the hospitality and leisure industry and expect this to grow significantly.”

For more information, please contact your nearest Style regional office.