Semi-Automatic Partitions Enjoy Huge Increase in Popularity


The specification of semi-automatic partitions is soaring as the benefits of flexibility, ease of use, reliability and the quality of finish increase.

In 2009, Style saw an incredible 75% rise in semi-automatic installations and 2010 is on track for that to grow even further with another huge leap in the number of specifications.

“These figures show a clear shift in the market towards semi-automatic moveable partitions”, said Mike Fine, Style’s Director for the Midlands, “however the dramatic increase doesn’t surprise us.

“Anyone that sees, and operates, a semi-automatic partition wall in situ is immediately impressed. Not just by the sheer simplicity of use, but by the look, the style, the fitting and the overall quality. This really is a very exciting product which has suddenly begun to accelerate in popularity.”

Style are sole UK suppliers and installers of Moveo (Dorma’s increasingly popular semi-automatic wall), Variflex (also from Dorma and available as semi or fully automatic) and Skyfold’s range.

If you would like to discuss the benefits of semi and fully automatic movable partitions, we would be pleased to hear from you. Simply contact your local Style Office for more information