Schools, colleges and universities advised to plan their summer breaks around creating room flexibility


Schools, colleges and universities are being encouraged to start planning now as to how they use the summer break to create flexible room configurations for the next school year.

According to Steve Williams, Style’s sales director for the Midlands, the education sector is one of the highest users of moveable walls, and the need for safe, flexible, partitioned space has heightened in importance due to the pandemic.

“We’re obviously hopeful that the vaccine programme will enable society to go back to normal, ”said Steve, “but there will naturally be a sense of nervousness when schools, colleges and universities re-open for the Autumn term.

“Its for this reason why we’d recommend looking at the creation of adaptable and safe space through moveable wall solutions, and if you already have partitions in place getting them serviced during the summer break to ensure they operate smoothly when students return.”

Watch video to see how teaching space can be quickly altered through a moveable wall>>

Style offers a complete range of moveable walls, including glass systems which means space can be quickly and safely divided while retaining visibility across classrooms, assembly areas or halls and keeping that larger, open plan feel.

The glass systems enable a classroom to split into two, while a single teacher can see across both rooms, or move easily between the two using a pass door. 

As well as being the UK market leader for new moveable wall installations, Style also offers the largest service and repair network for all types of moveable, folding and partitioning wall system.

“Through our national team, we can provide scheduled servicing and repairs throughout the UK and the summer holidays are a great time to do this while the building is quiet,” continued Steve.

“This ensures the smooth, continued operation of a wall in a busy school environment, and by routinely servicing and maintaining your moveable partitioning wall protects your investment, ensures its longevity and keeps its acoustic integrity intact.”

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