SKYFOLD Makes Quantum Leap In Acoustics


Skyfold has launched two brand new Vertically Stacking Acoustic Partitions that drastically cut sound transmission and dampen reverberation.

This quantum leap in acoustic performance of the new Skyfold Classic Elite, Rw 56dB, and absorption of Skyfold Classic NR, NRC 0.65, will undoubtedly grab the attention of schools, hotels, offices and convention centres who have always loved the ease of use and finish of Skyfold, making it an extremely popular system for dividing space.

“This is a very dramatic step forward,” said Julian Sargent, Style’s Group Managing Director, who market, distribute and install the Skyfold range exclusively in the UK.“Skyfold has always been an outstanding and highly versatile product. Stored in the ceiling cavity,
this vertical partitioning wall system makes the most efficient use of space as no wall pockets are required and they move effortlessly and quietly with a simple turnkey operation.“With the excellent acoustic ratings of the new Rw 56dB and NRC 0.65, Skyfold’s appeal will widen even further and we’re already receiving enquiries for these two new products even though they have only just been released.”

In 2010, Style won the AIS Gold Award for an installation that included Skyfold at Moody’s in Canary Wharf. On that occasion, Moody’s already had Skyfold installed in their New York office and specifically requested it for London.

Efrem Brynin, Skyfold’s Director of UK Sales added, “Moody’s is a great example of a company that had seen the operational benefits of Skyfold and how stylish it can look in situ, and had asked for it again.

“We’re now expecting to see a further increase in Skyfold specifications as a result of our new products, and we’ve made the design process far simpler too. By incorporating our range into Revit they can now be viewed using Building Information Modelling (BIM) giving virtual 3D photo quality graphics.”