Popularity of glass moveable walls hits all time high


Glass moveable walls are today’s ‘en vogue’ method of creating light, airy, flexible space with specifications from architects and interior designers at an all time high.

According to Mark Cowley, who heads up the glass division of leading moveable wall specialist, Style, the demand for glazed partitioning systems has rocketed and seems set to continue.

“Glass moveable, folding and partitioning walls offer such a wide range of applications that we’re seeing their popularity significantly intensify in the new build and refurb sector,” said Mark.

“Shops and restaurants, particularly in indoor arcades and shopping centres, are increasingly choosing glazed systems to open up their entire frontage – offering a more welcoming, open feel to the premises while retaining visibility when the wall is closed.

“Banks and airports are choosing highly secure glass systems with shock proof glass and high security locks.

“High rise city apartments are using glass folding walls to create winter gardens, sports arenas are seeing a big rise in demand and car showrooms are creating merchandising areas which are sectioned off by moveable glass systems.

“These high growth, emerging markets are bringing strong demand at Style, and we are also seeing continued levels of specifications for acoustic glazed operable wall systems in more traditional sectors such as hotels, businesses, schools, meeting venues, churches, hospitals and local authorities.”

As the UK’s leading moveable and partitioning wall specialist, Style further strengthened its partnership with the dormakaba Group earlier in 2021 by securing the exclusive UK distribution of its interior glass Horizontal Sliding Walls (HSW) range.

The partnership means that Style now has sole UK distributor rights of the full suite of glass moveable wall solutions from dormakaba/Huppe at a time when the market is seeing unprecedented growth.

“The timing for extending that longstanding partnership with the dormakaba Group for its interior glass Horizontal Sliding Walls (HSW) range was perfect,” continued Mark. “We can now fulfil our customers’ requirements in totality with a complete end-to-end process for acoustic and non-acoustic glass systems, with manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic operation.”

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