Optimise room hire and maximise usage with flexible space


An increasing number of businesses that rely on generating revenue through room hire and events are improving profitability by making their space as adaptable as possible.

Leading moveable wall specialist, Style, is seeing a sharp rise in demand from the hospitality sector, and other businesses that rely on room hire, where moveable walls are used to make their space more adaptable.

Two recent, but very different, examples are the creation of a flexible private dining area for the Ivy Asia restaurant and bar in London, and a hall for hire at the Town Gardens Pavilion in Skegness.

“If you can quickly change the configuration of a room, by dividing it into multiple areas, you can generate more revenue by hosting concurrent events at the same time,” said Julian Sargent, Style’s group managing director.

“Modern, moveable walls are easy to operate, offer phenomenal acoustic integrity and can be designed to complement the interior design of any room, which means you can not only reconfigure space quickly, the acoustics mean events can run either side of the wall and the walls blend in perfectly with the room.

“We also have operable walls for all requirements and budgets, whether it’s a small village hall, a top end restaurant or a major conferencing centre, with a range of options including fully automated systems to simple folding walls.”

Style’s web site features a wide range of projects from the hospitality sector, where maximising revenue is a key priority, however there are also examples from other sectors too where room hire is used as a means of generating income. These include churches, community centres and local authority buildings.

“We have many examples of where we have created the ability to quickly sub-divide an area into multiple rooms, and the feedback we receive from customers is that it transforms their business, opening up new avenues to drive up revenue and profits,” said Julian.

For more information, contact your nearest regional Style office.