Moveable wall combinations create stunning flexible space


Combining various types of moveable wall within the same building is fast becoming the latest trend for architects in the creation of flexible space.

According to Michael Porter, sales director of Style South, architects, specifiers and interior designers are now creating much more imaginative and adaptable room designs for businesses, hotels, educational establishments, local authority venues, conference centres and other buildings where flexible space is key.

This is resulting in different moveable walls being combined to create a look that is not only highly practical but also delivers stunning interior design.

“By bringing together glass moveable walls with solid panel moveable walls, or placing a vertically rising operable wall adjacent to a horizontally moving wall can open up the potential for flexible room design as well as offer a real showcase for visitors,” said Michael.

“It’s for this reason why we’re seeing a fast rise in the numbers of specifications where multiple moveable, folding and partitioning wall products are all housed in the same area.

“Some good examples can be seen at Anglo American DeBeers in London, where glass and solid Dorma Huppe moveable walls sit alongside vertically rising, fully automatic Skyfolds.

“At Hewlett Packard in Winnersh, solid and glazed moveable walls are used in combination with Style’s unique ‘working walls’ – these are pivot panels designed for collaborative workspace.

“At Royal Holloway University, a mix of solid and glass moveable walls combine with traditional folding walls, and at Vedanta an acoustic moveable wall creates a corridor with pass doors, while Skyfold Zenith moveable walls separate the space into individual rooms.

“It just shows how the days of placing a single moveable wall across the centre of a room to divide it into two are being replaced by inspired designs which result in the ability to create a wide range of really enticing room configurations from one large space.”

Style is the UK’s market leading, multi-award winning, moveable wall specialist and the exclusive UK partner to Dorma Huppe, Skyfold and SWG.

It means the company is well placed with an extensive range of moveable, folding and partitioning solutions to create transformative space that will enhance the use of a building.

“We can cater for all requirements and budgets,” said Michael, “and we can also work closely with architects in advising them on what’s possible and which products work best together – from manual to fully automatic systems, as well as a vast range of finishes and outstanding acoustic ratings.”

For more information, contact your nearest regional Style office.