Looking for moveable wall panels to fit existing tracks? Style has a solution!


Architects, specifiers and contractors looking to source panels for moveable wall track systems already in place should talk to Style, the UK’s leading moveable wall specialist.

According to Mike Fine, Style’s director for the Midlands, it’s often assumed that if you have tracks already in place for supporting a moveable wall, you can only use the panels from the same supplier or manufacturer – however this is not always the case.

“We have a very broad portfolio of moveable partitioning walls,” said Mike, “and that means we often have panels that can be fitted to existing tracks in the ceiling or on the floor, even if these are from other providers.

“We’ve had instances before when, for various reasons, a track system is in place but the contractor or end-user client cannot get hold of the panels, and on many occasions we have been able to provide and install a product onto that track system.

“Our service and repairs team has also been asked to replace damaged panels onto track systems we didn’t originally install and we pride ourselves on being able to fulfill almost any requirement.”

If you require panels for an existing track system, please contact your nearest regional Style office.