Latest Skyfold video a must watch


The latest video of Skyfold’s ingenious vertically rising moveable wall is now showcasing on Style’s web site and is a ‘must watch’ for anyone looking at innovative techniques to create flexible space.

To watch the video – click here>>

Housed discreetly in a ceiling cavity when not in use, and using up no floor space whatsoever, the Skyfold fully automatic moveable wall descends gently into place at the push of a button, delivering room separation and acoustic integrity up to 59dB Rw.

David Louden, Style’s director for Scotland, has seen demand for Skyfold increasing from a broad range of market sectors, including corporate, education, local authority, hospitality and religion, and it’s clear why it’s being increasingly specified for new build and refurb projects.

“This operable wall has real ‘wow’ factor,” said David, “and makes room division so simple thanks to its turnkey operation.

“Many people don’t even realise a moveable wall is in the room as it is so inconspicuous when not in use. But as it lowers into position it creates a real sense of theatre as well as being hugely practical.

“As the video demonstrates, it also comes in a wide range of finishes, including glazed systems, and there is a Skyfold Zenith model with a thin path of travel which can be used even in the tightest of spaces or in rooms filled with a lot of fixtures, fittings and furniture.”

For more information, please contact your nearest regional Style office