Hospitality venue moveable walls should be serviced ahead of Christmas period


Hospitality venues, such as hotels, restaurants and other places that host Christmas parties, should have their moveable walls serviced ahead of the busy festive period.

That’s the advice of Katie Mitchell, service and repairs manager for Style South, who recommends that a simple routine service of a moveable wall can ensure its smooth operation and avoid any problems when dividing space.

“Many hospitality venues have large spaces that can be divided into individual rooms so that they can cater for multiple events,” said Katie.

“However, if there is an issue with the moveable walls and you cannot segregate the space, that can lead to serious problems, customer complaints and even financial implications if the party cannot be hosted as promised.

“To avoid this, it’s always advisable to have your moveable walls serviced to ensure their smooth operation and address any potential small issues before they become a bigger problem.

“It’s a relatively small investment to give you the peace of mind that your venue can host its Christmas parties glitch free!”

Style is the UK market leader in moveable, folding and partitioning walls with 4 offices strategically located across the UK, offering a local servicing and repair team wherever you are in the country.

During any routine inspection, our technicians will ensure that the seals are fully operational, that the panel seals are correctly locked, that all panels are aligned and that the peripheral seals are making proper contact.

Any early diagnosis of potential issues can then be quickly resolved saving money in the long run, and continuing the wall’s smooth operation.

Other benefits of having a moveable wall serviced include compliance with Health and Safety Legislation and, for acoustic moveable walls, ensuring their acoustic integrity remains intact.

To book a service or repair, or to discuss your moveable walls, please contact your nearest regional Style office