High acoustic, glass moveable walls perfect for schools, colleges and universities


Architects and specifiers involved in projects in the education sector should look carefully at DORMA’s high acoustic, glass moveable wall systems to create modern and flexible learning spaces.

Mike Fine, Style’s director for the midlands, says that schools, colleges and universities are increasingly moving towards more modern, open architecture, rather than closed classrooms and rigid corridors, and the DORMA operable wall systems are perfect for these environments.

“At Style, we have carried out a huge amount of moveable wall installations in the education sector, and the trend is towards open, transparent, adaptable space to provide a fresh and inspiring learning environment,” explains Mike.

“Clearly, its important that classes and activities can be run undisturbed, and the beauty of DORMA’s glass moveable wall systems is that they come with outstanding acoustic integrity – up to 52dB Rw for glass elements, and 59dB Rw for opaque. This means you have the benefit of an open, light, airy space and the advantage of being able to run concurrent activities either side of the wall without disturbing one another.”

Another trend in the education sector is the shift towards fully automatic moveable wall systems, giving teaching staff the simplicity of changing the use of space at the push of a button.

Automatic movable walls avoid any manual handling, will stop if an object is in the way, and ensure the wall is opened and closed perfectly each and every time, which is why they are seeing such a soar in demand.

“Schools, colleges and universities often have very little time between classes and activities to reconfigure the space,” continues Mike,” which is why it is so advantageous to simply push a button and see the wall move effortlessly into place.

“It also reduces any chance of damage to the wall, as there is no need for human contact and, thanks to our service contracts, Style’s team of UK-wide technicians can come and periodically service the wall to ensure it provides continued smooth operation and many years of use.”

For more information, please contact your nearest regional Style office.