High Quality Advice Can Lead to Perfect Solutions


Companies providing moveable partitioning walls should always be challenged by architects as to whether a more suitable solution could be specified.

According to David Louden, Style’s director for Scotland, when an architect is determining the best operable wall solution for their client it’s always worth contacting the operable wall supplier to sense check that the optimum solution has been achieved.

“When we engage in conversation with architects during the specification process, we can often add a great deal of value by advising on alternative ideas or other options for consideration,” said David.
“And where we have long-term relationships with architects and specifiers we build up regular two-way dialogue to help them deliver increasingly better solutions over time.”

A good example is St. Joseph’s school in Dundee where there were concerns about installing a manually operated movable wall because the ceiling was so high, resulting in the panels being extremely heavy to move.

Through discussion, Style devised the first ever fully automatic, horizontally sliding wall that required no manual handling whatsoever.

Other instances include curved walls at Newcastle Student Union and Brunel University, and instances where more cost-effective, stylish or flexible room configurations have been agreed after Style brought new options to the table.

“We don’t see ourselves as suppliers and installers of products,” continued David, “as we have always positioned ourselves as a total solutions provider.
“As such, our best relationships are where we help with the design and specification process resulting in the architect’s vision being interpreted with the best moveable wall available.”

For more information, please contact your nearest regional Style office.