Heating Bills Can be Cut through the Creation of Flexible Space


Schools, churches, community centres and other organisations that suffer costly winter heating bills can benefit from using moveable partitioning walls to divide space – and only using and heating what is in use.

According to Julian Sargent, managing director of Style, a partitioning wall can make a significant impact on energy costs by effectively reducing areas being heated unnecessarily. He also sees the cost saving benefits of reduced energy bills as very advantageous to organisations who find themselves needlessly heating very large, but under-utilised rooms.

“As well as offering flexible space by sub-dividing rooms, many organisations, particularly educational and public sector bodies seeking sustainable solutions and reduced costs, are seeing the benefits of reduced heating bills by installing an operable wall which results in not having to heat large halls and conference areas when not in full use; all of which has an impact on both their costs and the environment,” said Julian.
“With a growing desire for eco-efficiencies, schools, colleges, churches and community centres are particularly looking at how they can maximise their room usage, and how they can save money by closing off areas that are not in use and therefore not having to heat or light them.”

As a 14001 Environmental accredited company, Style is the sole UK distributor for Dorma, Skyfold and SWG enabling it to offer an expansive range of extremely flexible solutions, from ceiling mounted vertically rising walls that allow complete use of floor space, through to glass walls and systems with a range of finishes that fit seamlessly into any room design.

“The recent cold snap and rising energy costs have caused conversations to move towards efficiency gains of late,” continued Julian, “particularly as many people will look back on another hefty fuel bill this winter, which is why the advantages of sub-dividing space are growing in people’s minds.”

For information about our range of partitioning walls solutions, please contact your local Style office.