Flexibility is Key when Finding the Perfect Finish


Expectations are rising in the moveable partitioning walls sector. Not just in terms of ease of use, acoustics and overall application but in terms of how operable walls complement a room’s interior design.

According to Keith Way, Style’s Director for the South East, demand has never been higher for creating visually appealing solutions which blend in seamlessly, or add a new dimension, to a room’s appeal.
“If you look at some of the projects we’ve undertaken across the Style Group recently, it’s evident that architects, contractors, specifiers, interior designers and clients are all pushing for more stylish and innovative solutions,” said Keith.
“In recent months we’ve completed projects which involve mirrored partitioning walls at a gym, wooden panelling to match a listed building’s conference room, glass to set off a company’s reception area, and operable walls made into white boards for training purposes.
“The range of finishes we can offer, in many respects, is becoming as important as the wall’s suitability and operation.”

As sole UK distributor for DORMA, Skyfold, SWG and now with a new agreement with Cornell, Style has access to an outstanding product range as well as an in-house team that has a flair for creating breathtaking solutions.

“As winners of the AIS Contractors Gold award for four successive years, the quality of our team and product range is indisputable,” concluded Keith. “But perhaps what many do not realise is how extremely versatile we also are in creating a look that can deliver a stunning finish.
“In many cases, the wall blends in so perfectly with the rest of the decor that to the untrained eye it is almost impossible to tell that it is moveable.”

If you are looking for a perfect finish with your next project, please contact your nearest Style office.