Demand for moveable glass partitioning walls grows in the retail sector


The UK retail market is beginning to recognise the potential offered by moveable glass partitioning frontages for shops, and is a sector on the cusp of substantial growth.

This is according to Julian Sargent, group managing director of Style – the UK’s leading moveable partitioning specialists.

Julian explains that, moveable walls, such as DORMA’s Varitrans system, not only bring convenience and flexibility to retailers, they also entice customers into shops thanks to clear and open access.

“A glass moveable wall, which can be quickly opened and closed, removes all barriers between the walkway or shopping centre and the shop,” said Julian. “It means potential customers and passers-by can enter the premises far more easily, not having to make that physical decision to go through a door, and can start to browse from the concourse before being drawn in.

“It also means that shops can adapt their store on a daily basis, opening the front up completely, closing it to provide a more traditional shop window or leaving it partially open to create a wider entrance.”

DORMA’s Varitrans is used worldwide by retailers, the UK market looking set to become the next major growth area. Available with DORMA’s ComfortDrive fully automatic system, it means this operable wall can be effortlessly opened and closed at the push of a button. Retailers can choose between single or double integrated doors, and also have the facility to fully customise it with manifestations including screen printing, sand etching and logo placement.

“We’ve already seen demand from the food and beverage sector, with restaurants, café’s and bars enjoying the freedom to open up or close the front of their premises,” said Julian. “Our expectation is that as high streets, station concourses and shopping centres continue to focus on the ‘ultimate customer experience’, we will see a surge of growth in the retail sector too.”

Style is the exclusive UK partner to DORMA. For more information, please contact your nearest regional Style office.