Demand for flexible space rises in schools


Schools, colleges and universities are making flexible space a priority, with rising demand for moveable partitioning walls for refurbishments and new builds.

Andy Gibson, Style’s director for the north, explains that adaptable space offers such wide-ranging benefits that operable walls are becoming a common feature in most educational establishments, and demand continues to grow.

“Schools, colleges and universities need to use their rooms for a wide multitude of activities, not just in the classrooms but with certain rooms changing from assembly halls into PE, dance, drama or examination areas all in the space of a day," said Andy.

“Getting the most out of every room is therefore vital, which is why the popularity of moveable partitioning walls has never been so high.”

Style is the UK market leader in moveable partitioning wall systems, and the exclusive UK partner to DORMA, Skyfold and SWG. It means the company has an extensive portfolio of wall systems to match any budget or requirement.

Better still, Style prides itself on the acoustics of its moveable wall systems; a key factor for companies and individuals involved in the design, specification, build or refurbishment of school buildings as highlighted in the Department of Education publication entitled, ‘Acoustic design of schools: performance standards’.

“Not only do we provide flexible space, enabling schools to frequently change their room configurations, the quality of acoustics with many of our products is so high that classes can be run concurrently either side of the partitioning wall undisturbed. In fact, our best acoustic wall has a 60dB rating which borders on soundproofing.

“By only using the space you require also saves on heating and lighting, and by using space more intelligently is far better than adding new temporary school buildings or creating extensions.”

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