Demand for Style’s RIBA Approved CPD Seminars Rises


Demand for Style’s RIBA approved CPD seminars is on the up, as architects focus on vital training following the summer break.

According to Mike Fine, Style’s director for the Midlands, there is often a surge in demand at this time of year as architects return refreshed from their summer holidays and reserve their places on the course.

An overview of the two seminars, which cover the topics of “Multi-functional space” and “Fully automatic vertically rising acoustic partition systems” can be accessed from Style’s web site, by visiting the “Architects Area” linked to via the tab at the top of the screen.

“We often experience heightened interest at this time of year,” said Mike, “because September through to the end of November is a key trading period with the number of projects increasing. This results in a hunger for new ideas and information about the latest moveable wall concepts, as well as innovative thinking when dividing space resulting in a surge in CPD demand.”

Style runs its seminars across the entire UK and has received outstanding feedback regarding the quality of its presentation and the content, and if anyone would like to request a CPD seminar on either topic simply contact your nearest Style regional office via the web site’s contact page.

“We have more than 200 years combined experience within our management team on the subject of partitioning walls,” continued Mike, “which means the quality of our seminars, and the knowledge we impart, is second to none.
“All attendees receive a full literature pack, a copy of the presentation on CD and Style’s acoustics check list – a very handy guide to ensuring installations meet the required acoustic standard.”

For more details please contact your nearest Style regional office, or download a PDF of the CPD content via the web site.