DORMA Hüppe's Moveo® Praised for Acoustic Performance


As sole UK distributors for DORMA Hüppe, Style combines the very best acoustic expertise and advice with market leading products.

DORMA Hüppe’s Moveo® being an excellent example as it incorporates ComforTronic® automatic seals as standard which are designed to maximise acoustic integrity, providing sound reduction up to Rw 55dB to the latest European standards.

“We’ve had incredible feedback about the acoustic performance of Moveo,” said Julian Sargent, Style’s Group Managing Director, “however optimum acoustic performance is not just down to the product alone.
“Architects, specifiers and contractors will tell you that there are a large number of potential variances that affect an R’ rating; R apostrophe being the in situ rating compared to a product’s lab tested R rating.
”The harsh reality is that a final installation will rarely replicate the conditions of a lab test, because in a controlled environment there is one test product and no flanking. The lab is designed to only transmit sound through the partition itself, which is essential as a comparitive ‘product’ measurement, but does not reflect real life installation and use.
“Because of this it is our philosophy to have open dialogue as early as possible about the factors that are likely to create performance variance, and how we can take action to overcome these; in particular by assessing the room carefully to assess where flanking may occur, its severity and what mitigating action can be taken.
“It is thanks to this meticulous planning and very high levels of technical expertise that we develop very long-standing relationships with our customers.”

If you are looking for advice or support with an installation that requires high standards of acoustic quality, we would be pleased to discuss your requirements with you. Simply contact your local Style Office for more information.