Create flexible office space and improve staff wellbeing


We spend almost a third of our lives in the office, and seventy percent of offices today are open plan, which can harness a great working environment. 

However, according to an article by Forbes, to foster improved staff wellbeing modern day offices should be looking to provide private rooms to take a call, quiet spaces to relax or enjoy breaks, and areas that encourage collaboration.

According to Julian Sargent, group managing director of Style Partitions, this can be achieved by creating flexible space through a range of moveable wall solutions.

“It’s very difficult and expensive for companies to create different rooms for every different requirement,” said Julian.

“This is why adaptable space is so popular, with most new office builds and refurbs offering an increasing level of flexibility in how they use the space.

“A good recent example is WSP, one of the world's leading engineering professional services firms, who take wellbeing very seriously and came to us for a relaxing breakout area where staff could unwind.

“Rather than have a permanent fixed room, they chose a DORMA glass moveable wall system with a forest manifestation graphic. This provided flexible, private space that could be opened back into the main floor plan when not in use.

“We also helped Adobe create collaborative workspace in their offices with our innovative working walls system. Their offices in Shoreditch, London, have meeting rooms, social hubs, a library, tech café and games room, and the layout provides a fluid working environment, designed to spur new ideas and unexpected collaborations.

“Style‘s working wall system is a cluster of individual moveable wall panels that can be used in isolation to create one simple screen, or pulled together for a wider temporary wall.

“These are very simple to operate, with each panel acting as a magnetic white board on one side and a fabric which allows notes to be pinned to it on the other.

“They can be moved into place, locked, and pivoted as required, which means they can swivel during breakout sessions to share ideas with adjoining groups during brainstorms or impromptu gatherings.

“The truth is, moveable walls are becoming instrumental in modern office design due to the growing demands to offer space that promotes wellbeing, collaboration and enhances productivity, and we are working on a wide range of increasingly exciting projects across the UK working with leading architects, specifiers, interior designers and contractors.”

For more information, please contact your nearest regional Style office.