Automated moveable walls reach new heights in flexible room design


Fully automated moveable wall systems are soaring in popularity, with the scope for creating highly flexible room space reaching new heights.

That’s according to Michael Porter, group managing director of leading moveable wall specialist, Style, who explains that automation in operable wall technology is taking adaptable space to another level.

“Our latest fully automated moveable wall systems are so highly spec’d that we can devise bespoke solutions for dividing space, all activated at the push of a button.

“A recent example is at leading London law firm, Baker McKenzie, where we worked in close collaboration with the architect and contractor to develop something truly unique in the firm’s conference room.

Watch the video here>>

“This is a large open plan space, however we installed a fully automatic Dorma Huppe Variflex glass moveable wall which moves into place to form an outer edge of a meeting room, with two fully automatic vertically rising Skyfolds descending from ceiling cavities to create the end walls.

“A further automatic Skyfold can then be used to sub-divide the room into two individual rooms as required.

“All of this takes place at the push of a button, which has numerous advantages in ensuring the change in room configuration is effortless to activate, the acoustics seals are applied to the correct pressure and there is no chance of any damage through poor manual handling.

“We have numerous other examples too of breathtaking automation in the creation of flexible room space as architects and specifiers begin to see the potential that full automation brings, not only in delivering flexibility but also with the ‘wow-factor’ it delivers in clever room design.”

Read the full Baker McKenzie case study>>

Style is the exclusive UK partner to Dorma Huppe, Skyfold and SWG offering a broad portfolio of moveable, folding and sliding walls for all requirements and budgets.

With a range of manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic systems available, it is the automated solutions that are catching the eye of many architects, contractors and end-user clients with automatic moveable walls being frequently installed in company offices, universities, schools and colleges, hospitality venues, local authority buildings and more.

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