Automated flexible room space a key theme for 2019


2019 will be the year when fully automatic moveable walls grow rapidly in the UK’s new build and refurb sector.

That’s according to Julian Sargent, group managing director of Style Partitions, the UK’s leading moveable walls specialist, who is seeing a significant shift in tenders and enquiries asking for a fully electric solution.

“We have seen incredible growth in the specification and demand for fully automatic operable walls in the last year or so,” said Julian, “and now that all the leading architects, specifiers and contractors have recognised the benefits they bring, I expect we will see them grow exponentially in the year to come.

“By being able to reconfigure space at the turn of a key has wide-ranging benefits. Gone are the days of manually handling moveable wall panels and trying to manoeuvre them into position. 

“Now you simply turn the key, let the wall move into position on its own, with no chance of damage through mishandling, and the assurance that the acoustic seals will always apply to the correct pressure. 

“The versatility of fully automatic moveable wall systems is also incredible, and we have many great examples of where vertical or horizontal moveable walls sub-divide space with speed and ease, and where more than one wall combines to automatically reconfigure a room’s space.”

See examples of fully automatic systems in action:


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St Joseph’s School

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Coventry University

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