Architects should tap into Style’s award-winning moveable wall advice


Architects and specifiers considering moveable walls are being advised to talk to Style as early as possible to benefit from their advice and expertise.

Andy Gibson, Style’s director for the north, is keen to point out that when Style’s team is brought into a project early, it can lead to wide-ranging benefits.

“We have very innovative and gifted design teams across the UK,” said Andy. “As a result, an increasing number of architects are discussing their ideas with us early on in a project so that we can support them in finding the best solution when it comes to flexible space.

“The level of innovation in the moveable walls sector is happening at an incredible pace. We have fully automatic systems, vertically rising moveable walls, working walls that swivel to create collaborative space, walls that cater for stepped lecture theatres, glazed systems with magic glass that frosts at the push of a button to give privacy - and a whole host of other options.

“We can therefore help architects find the best solution to turn their vision for flexible space into a reality, and we can offer advice on-site too. This on-site advice can be important when deciding how to achieve the best acoustic ratings, dealing with challenging room configurations, or even deciding how to install moveable walls in rooms that may be difficult to access.

“Its worth asking for support, or sharing your designs with us, so that we can ensure you achieve the best solutions for your customers.”

Style is the UK’s leading moveable walls specialist and 13 times winner of the prestigious FIS Gold contractors’ award.

Offering a range of fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual moveable, folding and sliding walls, the company provide solutions for all requirements and budgets across multiple market sectors.

For more information, please contact your nearest regional Style office