Architects - book now for Autumn CPD


Architects are being advised to book early for Style’s CPD seminars, with dates already going fast after the summer.

The RIBA approved CPD seminars are on the topics of “Multi-functional space” and “Fully automated vertically rising acoustic partition systems”. With flexible space becoming commonplace in most buildings, it’s essential for architects to be familiar with all the latest innovations.

“Our CPD seminars have always been very well received,” said Julian Sargent, Style’s group managing director.

“Designed to inspire and educate architects about totally new concepts in space division, they cover a wide range of areas during a 35-40 minute session, usually hosted at the architect's premises over a buffet lunch.”

During Style’s CPD seminar, architects learn about moveable wall design, features and benefits, structure, building interface, BIM, acoustic performance and criteria, finishes, health & safety, environmental issues, and maintenance.

“It really is an all-encompassing session,” added Julian, “and the feedback is always excellent.

“There are some incredible moveable wall systems available nowadays, and fully automatic solutions are really gathering pace, which is why it’s important to be aware of the latest market advances.

“Building information modeling (BIM), sustainability and how different market sectors use flexible space are also very topical.”

To book your CPD, please contact your nearest regional Style office