Achieving Optimum Acoustic Performance


Acoustic performance is not only a key measure, it is also one of the most hotly discussed topics in the moveable walls sector; mainly due to the potential variances that affect an R’ rating (R ‘apostrophe’ being the in situ rating) compared to a product’s lab tested R rating. The harsh reality is that a final installation will rarely replicate the conditions of a lab test, because in a controlled environment there is one test product and no flanking.

The lab is designed to only transmit sound through the partition itself, which is essential as a comparitive ‘product’ measurement, but does not reflect real life installation and use. There are, of course, many occasions when it is clear that a proposed product will more than meet the specified acoustic criteria, and Style has an exemplary record of providing the highest quality products and installations to achieve this. However, on occasions when there is potential for wider variance, Style’s acoustician will offer objective, qualified and transparent advice.

  • Surveying the room to assess where flanking may occur and its severity – flanking is difficult to quantify prior to completion and determination of flanking requires a series of in-situ sound tests. However our experts can offer extremely valuable guidance pre-installation.
  • Assessing the overall quality and robustness of surrounding walls, ceiling and floors – considering the effect of their construction, materials and age.
  • Detailing in the site plans where action could be taken to minimise flanking
  • Considering absorptive treatment to improve acoustics within the room

It is our philosophy that by having open dialogue as early as possible about the factors that are likely to create performance variance, and how we can take action to overcome these, lays the foundations for extremely strong and long lasting relationships with our customers. Offering the very highest standards of acoustic expertise and a commitment that we will always offer clear explanations and achievable options. For more information, or an informal conversation, about optimising acoustic performance we would be delighted to hear from you at your nearest regional office).