A new school term and a good time to check your moveable wall


Schools, colleges and universities are being encouraged to check the smooth operation of their moveable partitioning walls now that the new term has begun, or look at managing space better with a new operable wall to divide classrooms, assembly halls, gyms or canteens.

According to Mike Fine, Style’s director for the midlands, the education sector is one of the highest users of moveable walls, enabling them to adapt their space to maximum effect, and often changing rooms each and every day to cater for different events.

“Space is often tight in many schools, colleges and universities,” explained Mike, “and its therefore vital to use all rooms as much as possible during the day. As an example, many educational establishments vary the use of their main hall on a daily basis, transforming it into a gym, dance studio, drama club, exam room or canteen – and often needing to sub-divide it so that a number of activities can run concurrently in the same area.

“Its for this reason that we supply and install so many moveable walls to the education sector, so that the space can be reconfigured in a matter of minutes, often with such outstanding acoustic integrity that classes can run either side of the wall undisturbed.

“As well as being the UK market leader for new moveable wall installations, we also lead the way in providing scheduled servicing and repairs through our national aftercare team.

“This ensures the smooth, continued operation of a wall in a busy school environment, and by routinely servicing and maintaining your moveable partitioning wall protects your investment, ensures its longevity and keeps its acoustic integrity intact.

“Scheduled servicing is by far the best long-term solution with some walls lasting for as long as 25 years,” continued Mike, “however, damaged walls, or worn parts, should also be repaired swiftly by a professional engineer because continued use can cause permanent damage and unnecessary expense.”

For more information about a new moveable wall or Style’s aftercare service, please contact your nearest regional Style office.