Dorma Varitrans
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Dorma Varitrans® Moveable Glass Wall

Method of operation

Manually operated glass wall system. Elements are individual panels, not connected together which are slid into position and locked down with a floor bolt. Locking of the elements to one another by interlocking profiles.


Movable glass wall comprising individual top hung full height panels of equal size, made to measure to suit site dimensions.


Opening Size



Double point

Number of panels

Maximum panel width 1000mm

Pass doors


Moveable pass door including concealed overhead closer

Glass thickness

Panel weight

Not to exceed 25kg per M2


Product must be supplied with a valid ISO14025 Environmental Product Declaration

Panel finish

Track finish

Polyester powder coated to RAL 9010

Panel edges

Fixing/void structure

Subject to approval by the structural engineer

Sway bracing required above 500mm.

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