Glass Walls

Elegant and contemporary in design and hugely popular across multiple sectors, glass partitions allow light to flood your space. Yet while glass partitions do indeed maximise the feeling of openness, they also provide crucial functionality when it comes to creating practical private areas.

Maximise Light
& Openness

Thanks to their modern, clean lines and numerous practical benefits, StyleFlex glass partitions are a wonderful solution for a wide range of applications across multiple market sectors. These include corporate, hospitality, education, healthcare, local authority, religion and many more. Whatever your requirements, we can help you to create the perfect space.

StyleFlex Glass

StyleFlex Glass is a semi-automatic, acoustic operable wall system, combining elegant transparency with unrivalled sound insulation performance. StyleFlex Glass is the obvious choice in glazed operable walls, available in Rw 47, 50 & 52dB configurations that are fully tested as a complete unit. (EN 10140:2010)

Discreet horizontal and slimline vertical profiles maximise the glazing at the element joints, available in anodised aluminium or with coloured options. The unique frame profile allows StyleFlex glass elements to be combined with StyleFlex Solid elements in a variety of panel finishes including laminate, fabric and veneer for a truly integrated appearance and proving to be the first choice for corporate board rooms.

The system allows a choice of integral pass doors, including solid single and double doors and the ultra-transparent glass door and over panel. 

Lightweight and easy to move, they include electronically activated top and bottom seals and are also available as a fully automated system.

Enhancements can include automated integrated blinds or switchable ‘Magic Glass’ for instant privacy.


The table below outlines the key technical specifications for the StyleFlex glass partitions. To learn more about our glass partitions options or to discuss the best solution for your space, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

 StyleFlex Glass
Rw dB Rating 47, 50 & 52dB
Panel Thickness (mm) 100mm
Max Height (mm) 4,000 (Manual & Fully automatic)
Max Length (mm) unlimited
Weight (kg/m²) 47dB – 49Kg/m2
50dB – 45Kg/m2
52dB - 56Kg/m2
50dB (Magic Glass) 48kg/m2
Available Finishes Frame – SAA Solid elements – Various
Panel Width (mm) 800-1250mm
Minimum Void Depth
Manual (mm)
Minimum Void Depth
Fully Automatic (mm)
 Operation  Semi-automatic standard and fully automatic option

* Maximum advised weight 750Kg per unit. 


Watch the video below to see how a fully automated glass partition wall system looks and performs in a real space. See how fast and simple it is to divide a space and gain important privacy whilst maintaining the light, spacious feel of an open plan office.

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