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Global Law Firm Chooses Skyfold

Pillsbury is a full-service law firm with an industry focus on energy & natural resources, financial services, real estate, construction and technology. Based in the world's major financial, technology and energy centres, Pillsbury counsels clients on global business, regulatory and litigation matters.

At its London offices, Tower 42 (previously the Natwest Tower), Style worked with architects, T P Bennett, and contractor, Paragon, to deliver practicality and panache in the company’s meeting room.

With excellent 54dB acoustic integrity, Skyfold was chosen as the best option – a hugely popular moveable partitioning wall system, ideal for major company boardrooms and meeting areas. Skyfold is the innovative, vertically rising, fully automatic, acoustic moveable wall housed discreetly in the ceiling cavity, therefore completely hidden when not in use.

Activated by the simple push of a button, it glides effortlessly and silently into place, dividing space with speed and ease - a real showpiece for client meetings as well as offering practical room division.

“Skyfold’s popularity has been rocketing in recent years,” said Julian Sargent, Style’s group managing director, “mainly because it is such an incredible moveable wall solution that once architects, contractors and end-user clients see it in action they can’t believe how stylish, practical, discreet and easy to use it is.

“With Skyfold’s acoustic integrity ranging up to Rw59dB, the option exists to have a virtually sound proofed solution, plus it comes in a wide range of finishes, and for Pillsbury a Maharam Fabric best suited the aesthetics of the room.”