Style’s ‘working walls’ help create collaborative office space

Architects, specifiers, contractors and end-user clients looking to create more collaborative work space are turning to an ingenious ‘working walls’ innovation from Style.

As a specialist in the creation of flexible room design, Style has developed an imaginative ‘pivoting’ moveable wall system to accommodate collaborative office space cleverly and practically.

“Collaborative working is growing fast across UK businesses,” said Julian Sargent, Style’s group managing director.

“Offering a more open and flexible work culture, it removes the usual barriers of meeting rooms, segregated work desks and cubicles - instead offering companies a space where individuals can cluster together, team up quickly on projects, share ideas and change their environment to suit the task in hand.

“As the UK’s leading moveable wall specialist, we developed a brand new concept to help deliver collaborative workspace – which we’ve aptly named, ‘working walls’.

“These are a cluster of individual moveable wall panels that can be used in isolation to create one simple screen, or pulled together for a wider temporary wall. Very simple to operate, and also acting as a magnetic white board, they can be moved into place, locked, and pivoted as required, which means they can swivel round during breakout sessions to share ideas with adjoining groups during brainstorms or impromptu gatherings.”

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