Style’s Products offer Outstanding Acoustics

Having the confidence that the moveable partitioning wall that you are specifying will fully meet your client’s acoustic needs is essential for architects, specifiers and contractors.

Yet with such a diverse range of products on the market, and many moveable walls looking similar (but acoustically performing very differently), how can you check that the one being installed is the one you asked for?

According to Julian Sargent, group managing director at Style, its vital to not only verify the facts about the acoustic capabilities of the operable wall you are choosing, but also the credentials of the firm installing it.

“At Style, we’re market leaders in the provision and installation of moveable partitioning walls,” said Julian.

“All of our products come with full certification, giving our clients complete confidence when specifying us, and because we employ a team of the highest calibre technicians in the country we will always advise on the potential acoustic performance of a moveable wall once installed.

“Acoustic performance is affected by the structure of the room, the age of the building, and a whole host of other factors. By conducting a pre-installation evaluation we can ensure that all mitigating steps are taken to maximise a product’s on-site performance.”

To help with choosing the most suitable acoustic moveable wall, Style has produced the following simple check list.

Is the manufacturer clearly mentioned in the quotation, accompanying sales brochures and other supporting documents? (It is vital the client knows this to ensure long term maintenance and repairs are possible)

Has an acoustic test certificate been provided and does it have the manufacturers name on it? (The legitimacy of this document should be established from the outset)

Has the manufacturer authorised that the certificate can be used to support the product that has been offered? (Even though a certificate has been provided it is invalid unless the testing manufacturer confirms it can be used by your chosen supplier)

Does the acoustic test certificate clearly state the name of an independent laboratory and that the product has been tested to the latest standards: BS EN ISO140-3:1995 or BS 2750-31995?(This test standard ensures that the tested product is, in fact, a movable wall that is operated before it is tested)

Is the test certificate supplied representing the exact product that is being offered? (I.e. an acoustic certificate for a semi-automatic system cannot be used for a manually operated system, as the seal pressure may be different)

For more information, or to discuss your next project, please call your nearest Style regional office.