Innovative Solutions Win Favour in a Competitive Market

With competition in the construction sector as strong as it’s ever been, simply offering the lowest price for a moveable wall is not the route to success.

According to Andy Gibson, Style’s director for the North, in a challenging market gaining competitive edge is more about meeting customer needs with more creative, unique and innovative solutions than it is about simply cutting rates.

“Of course everyone wants the most attractive price,” said Andy. “But achieving the best solution still remains the most important priority.
“For this reason, at Style we have continued to re-invest in people, systems, processes and products in recent years and by doing so we’re seeing this not only pay dividends for us as a business but for the architects, specifiers, contractors and end-user clients we work with too.
“Take for example the refurbishment contract for Manchester Central Library. This is a very well- known architectural gemstone in Manchester and the quality of the final solution for sub-dividing space needed to complement the building’s splendour, cater for its curved shape, offer a very high level of acoustic integrity and deliver a practical solution to reconfigure room space with ease.
“Our solution provides 57db walls with faceted tracks to give a curved effect, and delivering a rounded shape was also an approach that won favour with our installation at Newcastle University Student Union last year – another historic and iconic building.
Recent projects have also included ceiling mounted, fully automatic acoustic partitioning walls that operate silently and effortlessly from roof space, glass partitioning walls that maximise vision and light, and systems that blend perfectly with a building’s interior design including the perfect and seamless continuation of wall murals.
“By offering a portfolio of solutions, supported by a team of creative designers and highly talented technicians means we add a great deal of value to the specification and design process. Even when price competition is tough, it is this painstaking attention to quality, innovation and being able to devise new solutions that has been the hallmark of our high quality approach.”

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