Education sector should focus on fully automated space division

Schools, colleges and universities looking to create flexible space should ensure they choose a fully automatic moveable wall.

That’s the advice of expert, Mike Fine, director of Style partitions in the Midlands, who says that automatic moveable walls offer widespread advantages to educational bodies that are sometimes overlooked.

“Many classrooms, school halls, canteens and lecture theatres have some form of folding or moveable wall to divide the space,” said Mike. “A common feature being that they are used very frequently each and every day, often by a number of different people – including students.

“We’ve come across a number of occasions where this had led to walls being damaged through improper use, or heavy-handedness, and we saw this first hand at a university recently where a wall had been so poorly treated that it needed completely replacing; something that was expensive to do.

“By choosing a fully automatic wall removes this issue completely. Activated by the push of a button, it moves into place without any manual intervention and will even instinctively stop if an object blocks its path.

“The lifespan of these walls is therefore quite incredible. With inexpensive routine servicing they can last up to 25 years or more, and there are other benefits too.

“There’s no manual handling, which offers health & safety advantages, there’s also no need for extensive training which saves time, and the acoustic integrity of these walls is spot on every time because the seals close automatically too.

“It all adds up to automated solutions being by far the best, and most cost-effective, option in busy schools, colleges and universities.”

For more information, contact your nearest regional Style office.