Combined Fully Automatic Moveable Wall Solution the first of its kind

Style Partitions, the UK’s leading moveable walls specialist, has achieved an industry first by combining two electric operable walls to create fully automated flexible room space.

The incredibly innovative project at Vodafone’s offices in Manchester saw Style install an automatic DORMA Moveo Glazed ComfortDrive moveable wall adjacent to Skyfold, the fully automatic, vertically rising operable wall which is housed in the ceiling cavity.

At the push of a button, the walls open and close with ease, offering a phenomenal lab tested 50dB Rw acoustic integrity for the Moveo glass system, and 51dB Rw for the Skyfold in a stunning fabric finish.

“At Style, we share the same vision as our manufacturing partners, DORMA and Skyfold, that the future of flexible room space is through full automation,” said Julian Sargent, Style’s group managing director.

“We have been delivering automated solutions for many years, however we’re now seeing a significant increase in demand as architects, specifiers and contractors recognise how easy life is when their clients can change their room configuration at the push of a button.

“In the case of Vodafone, the Moveo Glass system moves into place to form a large room out of an open plan area, effectively creating a new corridor, then the Skyfold glides effortlessly from the ceiling to divide that room into two.”

Style worked with architects, CMI Workplace, and main contractor, Overbury, to deliver the fully automatic flexible room solution.