Broad Range of Partitioning Walls Ideal for Every Requirement

With a portfolio of moveable partitioning walls that spans every requirement and budget, Style Partitions is better equipped than ever to meet the growing demands of architects, specifiers, contractors and end-user clients.

According to Julian Sargent, Style’s group managing director, some of the recent new additions to Style’s product range, coupled with some ingenious thinking in terms of operable wall solutions, offer the icing on the cake when it comes to serving a broad variety of needs.

“Whether it’s a showcase boardroom, university lecture theatre, church, hospital, council office or village hall we’ve always been well-known for having a solution for every feasible scenario,” said Julian. “Yet our portfolio continues to go from strength to strength.
“The new Skyfold 59dB Rw, fully automatic, vertically rising, acoustic moveable wall, launched a few months ago is an incredible product. Delivering a soundproofed partitioning wall solution that glides effortlessly into place from the ceiling cavity, it raises the bar in acoustic standards.“The new Skyfold Zenith range has also been recently added to our portfolio. Again this is a vertically rising system but with a thin path of travel making it perfect for fitting into tight floor space.
“Through our exclusive UK partnerships with DORMA and SWG, we can also offer a whole combination of manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic horizontally sliding partitioning walls, and a range of superb folding walls too.
“Whether you’re looking to invest in something that makes a real statement at the headquarters of a global multi-national, or simply wish to divide one room from another in a small primary school, we can help.”
Style’s web site is packed with case studies of a vast array of diverse projects. These include wide ranging room configurations, as well as some breathtaking finishes, glass systems and acoustic solutions that required innovative thinking from Style’s design team.

Yet there are also numerous projects in community centres and village primary schools that are far less complex, but equally effective in meeting customer requirements for using space efficiently and flexibly.

For more information, contact your nearest Style regional office.